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The Quality Paints We Use

Porter’s Paints

Porter’s Paints history starts in 1982, when Sydney house painter Peter Lewis began making traditional lime washes in a small garage in Randwick, following old paint recipes found in his grandfather’s diaries. Porter’s Paints offers speciality finishes with an unrivalled depth of colour and texture, combining the latest in paint technology with time-honoured traditional methods. Porter’s offer beautifully rich colours that cannot be copied or matched due to a unique tinting system.

Ask us about completing your project in:

  • Porter’s Eggshell Acrylic, Porter’s most requested finish
  • Porter’s Paints Ultra Flat
  • Porter’s Aqua Satin Enamel

Acratex Elastomeric

Dulux AcraTex 968 Elastomeric 201 is an extremely weather resistant, highly flexible, water based acrylic coating, that is a technologically advanced version of an elastomeric membrane. It combines the protective performance of a membrane (water resistance, crack-bridging, carbon dioxide diffusion) with the advantages of a decorative paint (ease of application, attractive finish, low roller splatter).

Dulux AcraTex Elastomeric 201 can be used on new and previously painted masonry, concrete, stucco, bricks, block work, precast concrete, off form concrete, glass reinforced concrete, solid plaster, fibre cement sheeting & rendered polystyrene systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Matt Finish
  • 10 year, conditional warranty
  • High water tightness
  • Water based
  • Resist carbon dioxide
  • High tensile strength
  • Improved rheology
  • Long term exterior durability
  • Excellent water resistance and protection
  • Easy, safe, and economical cleanup
  • Ideal repair coating for spalled concrete
  • Excellent crack bridging ability.
  • Low roller splatter
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