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At Procolour Painting we pride ourselves on attention to detail and a smooth, seamless painting process.


Procolour Painting has many years’ experience in the painting industry. Colour is an incredible way to stamp your personality on your living space. By simply changing the colour of the walls or ceilings you can modernise , update or add enormous value to your house. We will look after all your valuable furniture and items and vacuum away any dust at the end of the day. From new houses to repainting existing houses we ensure your painting experience will be stress free and enjoyable.


Procolour painting has the highest standards of quality in the Nelson Region. We can breathe new life into a tired exterior or reinvent an exterior with the latest painting colours and styles.

We believe preparation is the key so we will always sand, prime and fill to the highest standards to achieve a paint finish with wow factor and durability to match.


From waterblasting your roof to removing rust and flaking roof paint, Procolour Painting has the experience to rejuvenate and refresh your roof. We will organise scaffolding or work from our safety harnesses. We then begin with a primer coat then spray two shiny finishing coats to achieve that wow factor on your most valuable asset, the roof on your house!


Procolour Painting has many years of experience painting commercial property and rental investment property in Nelson. We work to deadlines and with current tenants to achieve a seamless high quality job that adds value and protects your investment for the future. We guarantee all our products and processes to achieve quality and durability.

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