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Meet the highly skilled and Dulux-accredited ProColour Painting team…


I founded ProColour Painting in 2013 as I realised the need to develop a painting company that offers a personalised approach to delivering high quality painting services in Nelson.

I have always understood the importance of paying attention to detail and I enjoy completing a project from start to finish and achieving a result with a real wow-factor. 

I am fully trade qualified with over 10 years of painting experience and knowledge. The company has grown from myself to the team today of 2 apprentices and 7 Senior Painters who all adopt the same approach.

We are members of Master painters and one of only 2 Dulux accredited painters in Nelson. We aim through product innovation and high-quality management of your job to supply the best quality finished work on time and to the highest standard. 


I served an apprenticeship in Painting & Decorating 16 years ago. I have practiced my trade in England, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

My clients are what matter the most to me. If I can leave a job knowing that you are happy then it’s a job well done to me.

I’m passionate about the outdoors, animals, physics, languages, geography, social sciences. The list goes on. I’m sure I’d find something to have a chat with you about.


I am a senior painter at Pro Colour Painting. This has now been my profession for over 10 years and I am fully trade certified, qualifications I obtained with the support from Pro Colour Painting. I enjoy every part of painting and making everything come together and aiding the transformation of buildings both new and old! Hopefully your house is next!

I have a keen eye for detail and like to make each job as perfect as possible, spraying is my forte but enjoy the brush and roller just as much.

I enjoy travelling in my spare time, as have lived all over NZ but still so much to see!

ProColour painting is the best company I’ve been working for and Steve works amazingly with the workers and clients to organise the best outcome for each job.


I am a fully qualified painter. I enjoy my job very much and plan to have a long-lasting future in the painting industry.

My favourite part of the job is that I’m never in the same place I’m always in different work environments and meeting new people.

Outside of work, I enjoy paintballing and hanging out with friends.


I started painting to learn a trade and gain a qualification. Out of work I enjoy hunting and the outdoors.


My name is Samantha, I have a diploma in Residental Interior Design and I am currently working through a painting and decorating apprenticeship!

I love the satisfaction of seeing a finished renovation after we have been through it, and believe the skills I am learning through Procolour will stick with me with whatever i do!


I am currently in my second year of my painting apprenticeship. I used to paint creatively in my spare time and decided to turn it into a career. I pride myself in my work and I am always keen to learn new things.

Outside of work you can find me on the soccer pitch, spending time with my family, or gaming on my computer.

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