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Meet the highly skilled and Dulux-accredited ProColour Painting team…


I founded ProColour Painting in 2013 as I realised the need to develop a painting company that offers a personalised approach to delivering high quality painting services in Nelson.

I have always understood the importance of paying attention to detail and I enjoy completing a project from start to finish and achieving a result with a real wow-factor. 

I am fully trade qualified with over 10 years of painting experience and knowledge. The company has grown from myself to the team today of 2 apprentices and 3 Senior Painters who all adopt the same approach.

We are members of Master painters and one of only 2 Dulux accredited painters in Nelson. We aim through product innovation and high-quality management of your job to supply the best quality finished work on time and to the highest standard. 


I started painting at the age of 13 and since then I’ve always had a brush in my hand. I completed a painting & sign writing apprenticeship by the age of 24 and I have been signwriting and painting pictures ever since, not to mention the odd house or two 😊

I love seeing what paint can do – It is wonderful how it brings new life to whatever it is applied too, and then I really like seeing the enjoyment and excitement that it brings out in people, once they see the finished product.

I particularly enjoy the ultra-fine work because it takes everything to the next level of excellence, which very few people can achieve… this is what I’m qualified to do with my background in sign-writing where I was intensely trained to do the most detailed and finest work.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my beautiful wife and family, painting lovely landscape pictures, creating artistic heart felt music with computer software and my computerised piano keyboard.


I started painting 5 years ago and I’m currently the 2nd year apprentice at ProColour Painting.

I started painting to learn about how to paint successfully to a high standard.

My favourite aspect about painting is the decorative results and going back in a few years to a previously painted job to see the great job the paint has done to protect the cladding on a house.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy sightseeing and travelling in my car.


I am a senior brush hand and started painting 4 years ago.

I am currently studying part time for a Diploma in Business studies at NMIT.

I started painting to learn about business and how to deliver great service and a great job.

What I enjoy most about the job is seeing it transform from start to finish.

I also enjoy working on my cars and the outdoors.


I have been painting for 1 year and am a junior brush hand. Initially, I started painting as a first part time job.

Now, my favourite parts of the job are learning new things and working in a team.

Out of work, I enjoy mountain biking and gaming and Kitesurfing.


I got into painting at the start of last year because I thought it was a good step into my career from school.

I enjoy it very much and plan to have a long-lasting future in the painting industry.

My favourite part of the job is that I’m never in the same place I’m always in different work environments and meeting new people.

Outside of work, I enjoy paintballing and hanging out with friends.

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